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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sony aino u10i

Black version

White version

wah..lawa plk tgk model phone sony aino ni..tringin plak..hihi...tp x mampu lg kot..huhu...enset buruk SE k800i ni pon ok lg..cme kdng2 wt prangai jgak..hehe..

Key features of Unlocked Sony Ericsson Aino:

- Quad-Band connectivity
- Tri-Band 3G frequency

-Touch screen
- Lightweight
- 3-Inch screen
- Accelerometer
- Phonebook
- Internal memory
- MicroSD slot

- Bluetooth
- 8.1-Megapixel Camera
- Long-lasting battery

-Sony Remote Play allows to stream media from a variety of peripherals and connections such as a PS3, GPS, HSPA. The PlayTV Tuner allows users to record and watch live TV from digital-TV channels.

-$699.99 (retail price)~~~~$499.99(sale price) *save $200~~~lalala..NAFSU nafsu nafsu..hakhak...pape pon,convert dlu in RM..blh tahan harga dia..hahah..ngeeee...


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